108 (Sold to Khairiah)

Item 108
Polkadot Cardi
Colour: Light Pink
Size: M


039 (Sold to Cici)

Item 039
Colour: Lightseagreen
Brand: Dolly

112 (Sold to Yan)

Item 112
Sexy lady dress
Colour: Pure black
Material: Stretchable
Status: Sold to Yan

RM30 (include postage)


Item 109 (sold to Natasha Shafiqa)

Inspired of: Gothic Lolita Style

Item 109
Black Helena Gown
Size: M
Material: Cotton (thick layer)
Status: Sold to Natasha

RM40 (include postage)

110 (Sold to Dalilah)

Item 110
Flowy Black skirt
Waist: Stretchable
Length: 34"
Material: Cotton
Status: Sold (Dalilah)

RM28 (include postage)

091 (Sold to Eileen)

Item 091
Stylish blazer
Colour: Beige
Width: 16.5"
Length: 21"
Status: Sold (Eileen)

RM25(include postage)


038 (Sold to Eileen)

Item: 038
Colour: Grey
Fit UK6 - UK8
Condition: Excellent
Status: Sold (Eileen)

RM25 (include postage)


103 (Sold to Nadhira)

Item: 103
English style long maxi
Status: Sold (Nadhira)

RM35 (include postage)


070 (Sold to Nurul Akmar)

Item: 070
Colour: Khaki
Size: Fit UK6-UK12
Status: Sold (Nurul Akmar)

RM20 (include postage)

098 (Sold to Rozi)

Item: 098
Black elegant dress
*belt not include*
Status: Sold (Rozi)

RM25 (include postage)

107 (Sold to Eileen)

Item 107
Polkadot transparent top
Size: M
Material: Transparent geoget
Status: Sold (Eileen)

RM25 (include postge)

104 (Sold to Siti Aishah)

Item 104
White Sweet Dress
Colour: Clean White
Size: M
Material: Cotton
Condition: Got zipped at back
Status: Sold (Siti Aishah)

RM22 (include postage)

101 (Sold to Syahida)

-view from back-

-front view-

Item: 101
Sweet Floral dress
Material: Thick Cotton
Status: Sold (Syahida)

RM18 (include postage)


093 (Sold to Nadiah)

Item: 093
Brown skinny
Size: M
Waist: 30"
Length: 36"
Status: Sold (Nadiah Syazwani)

(include postage)


077 (Sold to Afeeza)

Item: 077
Sexy Stripe Dress
Colour: Black
Size: Fit UK6-UK10
Material: Soft Comfy Cotton
Status: Sold to Afeeza

RM20 (include postage)


100 (Sold to Ooi V-tjen)

-view from back-

Item: 100
Black Dinner dress
Length: 30"
Waist: Can fit 24" to 28"
Back: Like wearing corset
Status: Sold to Ooi V-tjen

RM25 (include postage)


102 (Sold to Atikah Liyana)

Item: 102
Polkadot skirt
Colour: Light pink
Waist: 27"
Got lining inside
Status: Sold to Atikahliyana

(include postage)


083 (Sold to Nurul Husna)

Item: 083
Colour: Black
Grey inside
*singlet not include*
Size: Fit S to M
Status: Sold to Nurul Husna

(include postage)


084 (Sold to Umairah)

Item: 084
Polkadot skirt
Colour: Black n White
Waist: 26"
Length: 26"
Status: Sold to Siti Umairah